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One looong weekend...

went to the UK with my SCHB, spend wonderful 3 days in Cambridge, meeting old friends, dancing salsa ...
One notable observation, after a year in France, English food is so awful, not edible at all..('ve been spoilt already)
After went with his sister and her family (husband and 2 kids, 1 and 4 years) to french mountains snowboarding, my god!how good!)
so many funny moments,
----we were having dinner (my favourite raclette children playing on the floor, then the older one holding something in his hand stood up asking what is it pointing at the object in his hand.. tadam.. my underwear..)(not to forget his family is french speaking)
----in CBG after punting, went to la taska to have something to drink, decided to take a carafe of sangria, first time ever i really felt drunk..)
we could not stand up, so needed to order some food and sit for 1.5 more hours)

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p.s. i love you

So yesterday, hoping for nothing much, I went with Mon cheri to have a dinner. Not knowing the place, with tied eyes.... we arrived.
2 Michelin stars restaurant (out of 3 ), 9 course dinner where the one thing i will not forget- was fish in flowers, literally- anutini glazki for example...
was great but as always for me- too much food..
so after... instead of going home, we spent a night there in a really nice room(king bed, hot tub in the middle of it, fireplace.. realllly nice)
and then something happened, something i was not expecting..
a ring
"the" ring,
the diamond ring, which at first i did not appreciated at all...
that was so unexpected..
and i got scared, really, i could not find the words to say, the smiles to smile...

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Katya's world

whats it all about?
where is the love?
how can you sleep when the rest of us cry?
go to boston...start a new life..

its unbelievable how many thoughts and ideas cross one's mind, and hoe there is no time and chance to record them.
together with the facts of a huge amount of free time,desperate desire to have something 'fixed' (as in opposite of ever changing) and love for a good books, i logically turned to reading.. Tolstoy is all time favourite , but what i try now is philosophy, natural philosophers, sophists, Socrates, Aristotle now.. (Tolstoy is seen as philosopher as well, most notably influencing Gandhi with his ideas)
Suprisenly to myself i find all this theories of a great interest to me! so thinking of posting some posts about them, shall i?

Aristotel klassifitsiroval okruzhauwuu sredu,
mne nado klassifitsirovat svoi
i tak

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the day before the shit storm..

we went to Shakespeare's play
in english
by the castle from 8 to 11 p.m.

I loved
loved it..

The actors were suited so well for the roles (just one slight critique, CLOTEN and POSTHUMUS LEONATUS were played by the same person.)


Postumus and Imogen by John Faed
Posthumus, a man of low birth but exceeding personal merit, has secretly married his childhood friend Imogen, daughter of King Cymbeline. Cymbeline, upon finding out, banishes Posthumus from the kingdom. His faithful servant Pisanio, however, remains.
Jachimo, a soldier in the Roman army, makes a bet with Posthumus that he can tempt Imogen to commit adultery. Jachimo sneaks into her bedchamber and examines her while she sleeps, stealing a bracelet. Then he tells Posthumus he has won the bet, offering the bracelet as proof, along with details of Imogen's bedchamber and naked body. Posthumus orders his faithful servant Pisanio to murder the falsely besmirched Imogen. Pisanio warns her instead, then helps her fake her death, and to disguise herself as a boy. He sends her to Milford Haven on the West Coast of Britain. There she befriends "Polydore" and "Cadwell" who, unbeknownst to her, are really Guiderius and Arviragus, her own brothers.
Twenty years before the action of the play, two British noblemen swore false oaths charging that Belarius had conspired with the ancient Romans, which led Cymbeline to banish him. Belarius kidnapped Cymbeline's young sons in retaliation, to hinder him from having heirs to the throne. The sons were raised by the nurse Euriphile, whom they called mother and took her for such.
At the play's resolution, virtually the entire cast comes forth one at a time to add a piece to the puzzle. Cornelius, the court doctor, arrives to dazzle everyone with news that the Queen, Imogen's stepmother, is dead, reporting that with her last breath she confessed her wicked deeds: she never loved old Cymbeline, she unsuccessfully attempted to have Imogen poisoned by Pisanio (without Pisanio's knowledge), and she was ambitious to poison Cymbeline so Cloten, her own son, could assume the throne.
Cymbeline concludes with an oration to the gods, declares peace and friendship between Britain and Rome, and great feasting in Lud's Town (London), concluding "Never was a war did cease, / Ere bloody hands were washed, with such a peace."
from Wikipedia

the sad thing was- mon cheri was as far away from enjoying the play as one can be..
firstly english was a little confusing for him, (well, Shakespeare is not the easiest one to understand..)
nonetheless he had never regretted to have come..
i dont think that i can ask for more from him at this stage, he is obviously not interested in 'cultural' education as it is, BUT and thats a big BUT, we already managed not only to go to musical (Chicago), but also to a violin concert in Praha and now Shakespeare...
not that bad,ah?

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Бэлла Ахмадулина
* * *
О, мой застенчивый герой,
ты ловко избежал позора.
Как долго я играла роль,
не опираясь на партнера!

К проклятой помощи твоей
я не прибегнула ни разу.
Среди кулис, среди теней
ты спасся, незаметный глазу.

Но в этом сраме и бреду
я шла пред публикой жестокой -
все на беду, все на виду,
все в этой роли одинокой.

О, как ты гоготал, партер!
Ты не прощал мне очевидность
бесстыжую моих потерь,
моей улыбки безобидность.

И жадно шли твои стада
напиться из моей печали.
Одна, одна - среди стыда
стою с упавшими плечами.

Но опрометчивой толпе
герой действительный не виден.
Герой, как боязно тебе!
Не бойся, я тебя не выдам.

Вся наша роль - моя лишь роль.
Я проиграла в ней жестоко.
Вся наша боль - моя лишь боль.
Но сколько боли. Сколько. Сколько.

obozhau Sluzhebniy roman..

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Stihi v tsifrah

Kogda to drug prislal, segodnya natknulas..=)

17 30 48
140 10 01
126 138
140 3 501

2 46 38 1
116 14 20!
15 14 21
14 0 17

14 126 14
132 17 43...
16 42 511
704 83

170! 16 39
514 700 142
612 349
17 114 02

2 15 42
42 15
37 08 5

20 20 20!
7 14 100
02 00 13
37 08 5
20 20 20!

511 16
5 20 337
712 19

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on the way from Lafayette (discounts period in the town!!!), there is a huge roundabout...
So i am taken my usual path..in a few steps there is a postcard saying something along the lines of "take the other path" and a huge arrow pointing in the direction i just came from (and there are a great number of digging machines)... Oh,well , i think, this is not to be sad about, turning back and like a good girl go back..
After crossing 5 roads that are there and being one road away from the direction i have to go, there is another still huge board saying "take the other path" and again a huge arrow pointing me to the opposite direction .....and again lots of people in helmets and diggers....
so i went back (the first way was accompanied with lesser opportunities for death, i.e. less cars and heavy lorries...) and jumped over the holes, etc...

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флешмоб про цвет

Edinor Eilian

Новая игра, нашёл у November Light:

1. Отмечаетесь в комментариях,а я вам даю ЦВЕТ.

2. Вы пишете на своем дайрике 4 ассоциации с этим цветом, а именно:

а) связанную с детством;

б) связанную с чувством;

в) связанную с природой;

г) связанную с чем/кем угодно (по желанию).

Edinor Eilian

to-kate - light-blue)

а) в детстве нам нужно било зимои гулят с братом, а зими суровие, ветренние (хабаровские), и ми ети прогулки терпет не могли, тем не менее било одно занятие которое ми обожали- а именно ложится на снег и смотрет не небо, даже теплее как то становилос...
у нас в хабаровске столко же солне4них днеи в году, сколко и в Со4и, толко у нас они зимои..=)
у лежали ми так пока ктонибуд не увидит и не сгонит нас со снега- 4то би по4ки не отмораживали..

б)с 4увством...нежно голубая бивает груст', с приmешкои серого...в етих тонах спокоино, уютно, как дома под пледом и с книжкои в руке, и даже не просто с книжкои, а со сказкои... бред коне4но, но тк вот я ето вижу, (пардон, 4увствуу)=)

c)небо из детства, доздик то же может бит, настолги4ескиы такои...

d)best friend- Рита.. 4истая краска, романти4ная, невероятно нежная и добрая, скусная, прохладная- все она

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@настроение: kuda?

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tri ha-ha!

na6la u Konrad=)
podnyatoe nastroenie garantiruu=)

18.10.2007 в 14:34
Пишет Конрад:

Иностранные имена и фамилии
Сегодня Айзи принесла в универ эту бумаженцию, даже сейчас разогнуться не могу...!!!!! Радуй так почаще, дорогой наш Херанука Помячука!!!

Гейша Атомули Ядалато.
Крестьянин Накосика Сукасена.
Певица Ятасука Накомоде.
Метрдотель Мояхата Сыровата.
Сутенер Комухари Комусиси.
Врач Комуто Херовато.
Композитор Толисику Толикаку.
Пианистка Херанука Пороялю.

Японский фyтболист: Hакатика Hаебyка
Его напаpник: Хеpанyка Помячyка
Японский боксеp: Хеpанyка Поебалy

Японский гонщик: Тояма Токанава
Его оппонент: Токанава Такияма

Японский снайпер: Томимо Токосо

Топ-модель Хиросиму Явидала

Японская певица: Тохрипо Товизго

Сэнсей Совсейдури Охуячу.

Наркоман Найдука Ядури
Тяжелоотлет Тегири Ненаши
Сказочники Присяду Науши и Ялапшито Науши-Повешу

Азеpбайджанский мyзыкант: Обpыгай-yглы

Ветеринар Мацал Кошек.

Полководец Нолемоцийэ.

Вредный грек Наполнасракис.
Посол Слюнидополу


Проститутки Стояна Ракова, Лежана Раздвиногова.


Порноактер Ганс Трахтенбюргер.
Порноактриса фрау Шлюхер.

Просто добрый поляк Бздашек Западловский
Боксер Вынька Мелоч.

Повара Де Блюю, Оливье Жюй де Глотай.

: Музыкант Обстул Задом-бей.


Бегун Огого Добегулия.

Владелец соpтиpа: Hабздел


Посол Стри Бестреску.
Футболист Взад Стамэску.

Каратист Мочи Ногами
Бизнесмен Маловато Навару

Порноактёр Заяицкий

Порнозвезда Минета Вротоберуччи
Секретарша Блядовина Ди Курваджио

Ереванский садовник: Газон Засеян

URL записи

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Savsem zamotalos s etim dnem rozhdeniya, barcelonoi, pereezdom na novuu kvartiru i poezdkoi domoi...
kak dobirus do doma otpi6us..

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