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Savsem zamotalos s etim dnem rozhdeniya, barcelonoi, pereezdom na novuu kvartiru i poezdkoi domoi...
kak dobirus do doma otpi6us..

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the day before the shit storm..

we went to Shakespeare's play
in english
by the castle from 8 to 11 p.m.

I loved
loved it..

The actors were suited so well for the roles (just one slight critique, CLOTEN and POSTHUMUS LEONATUS were played by the same person.)


Postumus and Imogen by John Faed
Posthumus, a man of low birth but exceeding personal merit, has secretly married his childhood friend Imogen, daughter of King Cymbeline. Cymbeline, upon finding out, banishes Posthumus from the kingdom. His faithful servant Pisanio, however, remains.
Jachimo, a soldier in the Roman army, makes a bet with Posthumus that he can tempt Imogen to commit adultery. Jachimo sneaks into her bedchamber and examines her while she sleeps, stealing a bracelet. Then he tells Posthumus he has won the bet, offering the bracelet as proof, along with details of Imogen's bedchamber and naked body. Posthumus orders his faithful servant Pisanio to murder the falsely besmirched Imogen. Pisanio warns her instead, then helps her fake her death, and to disguise herself as a boy. He sends her to Milford Haven on the West Coast of Britain. There she befriends "Polydore" and "Cadwell" who, unbeknownst to her, are really Guiderius and Arviragus, her own brothers.
Twenty years before the action of the play, two British noblemen swore false oaths charging that Belarius had conspired with the ancient Romans, which led Cymbeline to banish him. Belarius kidnapped Cymbeline's young sons in retaliation, to hinder him from having heirs to the throne. The sons were raised by the nurse Euriphile, whom they called mother and took her for such.
At the play's resolution, virtually the entire cast comes forth one at a time to add a piece to the puzzle. Cornelius, the court doctor, arrives to dazzle everyone with news that the Queen, Imogen's stepmother, is dead, reporting that with her last breath she confessed her wicked deeds: she never loved old Cymbeline, she unsuccessfully attempted to have Imogen poisoned by Pisanio (without Pisanio's knowledge), and she was ambitious to poison Cymbeline so Cloten, her own son, could assume the throne.
Cymbeline concludes with an oration to the gods, declares peace and friendship between Britain and Rome, and great feasting in Lud's Town (London), concluding "Never was a war did cease, / Ere bloody hands were washed, with such a peace."
from Wikipedia

the sad thing was- mon cheri was as far away from enjoying the play as one can be..
firstly english was a little confusing for him, (well, Shakespeare is not the easiest one to understand..)
nonetheless he had never regretted to have come..
i dont think that i can ask for more from him at this stage, he is obviously not interested in 'cultural' education as it is, BUT and thats a big BUT, we already managed not only to go to musical (Chicago), but also to a violin concert in Praha and now Shakespeare...
not that bad,ah?

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How many posts am i to start with stating the fact, that there is no person more violent and selfish than me?
How the hell do i manage to f.k up everything?
Why am i so ruthless?

The fact is- i am so f.ked up.

"I can be so mean when i wanna be,
I am capable of really anything,
I'll cut you into peaces
When my heart is

The other fact is- I never mean to hurt!
I am dying myself, in the first place..

So, i am on holidays, and stayed at home for the day, wanted to spent it roller-blading, self beauty restoring after a month of not caring at all,etc..
but it was raining, i could not sleep as neighbours were undertaking some works, so woke up not in the best of the moods. Moreover the last night on my question whether he is coming home the other night or going to salsa, he replied that he is to go to salsa, and he had fallen asleep..
nonetheless, in the morning i found his salsa shoes and somehow was so sure that he will come home...
...i spent days cleaning cooking.. in one phrase- getting ready for him to come to me..
in the end, of course, he decided to go to salsa...
funny enough, weather.com never forecasted shit storm for today, still, shit storm it was.

i yelled, i cried, its unbelievable what a monster i am once "my heart is broken"..
i am so afraid of loosing him, i am so stupid.
thats the straightest way to loosing my everything,..
its killing me how i hurt him
but i cant control it.

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Vchera bili krestini. Thao- mladwiy plemyanik moego zheniha(oboldet kak zvuchit... Zhenih...) to chto russkaya zerkov eto osobenniy sluchai- ya znala.. Na drugih sluzhbah tozhe bivala, v uk naprimer. Tem ne menee eta franzuskaya church exceeded samie bredovie moi predstavleniya..... Pervoe eto svewenik. Orthodox eto predstavitelniy, normally boradatiy Batushka, tut zhe bil takoi dobriy navid, no tolko po kostumu mozhno bilo dogadatsya kakuu rol on budet ispolnyat vo vsem etom meropriyatii...
Zatem golos i manara chteniya molitv.. U nas ponyatno, a tut on pel. Ya normalno otnoshus(otnosilas) k peniu v church, no tut... On ne chital on pel, moya mama kogda mi s bratom bili malenkie pitalas nam pet kolibelnie... Mi plakali, oraly i vsyacheski protestovali... Mama prekratila.. Eto bilo premerno tozhe owuwenie (p.s. Ya obsolutno ni4ego protiv franzuskoi zerkvi ne imeu, kak i verovaniya per ce.. Prosto predsoyawee mariage zastavilo vnimatelno zadumatsya i oglyadetsya
Bili 6 detok na etom meropriyatii minut 4 erez 40 vse zakon4ilos i mi schaslivo 25 chelovek franzuskoi semi poehali domoi na prazdni4 nii obed plavno peretekauwiy v uzhin..
Den v zelom udalsya, nes4itaya togo chto ya blagodarya sebu upala so skameiki spinoi vniz na gravii vo vremya obeda, on sverhu na menya i na nas vinovnitsa vsego etogo bezobraziya- skamieka..
Spina bolit)

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no peace of mind.

feel blue
will write random rubbish
i am selfish, i cant allow beloved one with any space for him, everything must belong to me
idea of him having fun somewhere else killing,
i am jealous, pathetically, what can be worse than womens jealousy? i dont know..
we had this accident, he went out for lunch with a girl telling me that it was a business meeting as he had no time during the day to figure,
first thing i got to know that he went not to canteen, but out in the city, second how much he suddenly knows about her, thirdly that he lied and just wanted to have lunch with her, at the same time being afraid about my possible reactions...
i hated him
i was killed
i was destroyed..
but apparently nothing had happened, and i was overreacting ..
nut i just need him, i tie him with every possible thing
i go to the gym with him , just to share his interests (to be completely honest here, i like it by now.., but thats another story)
i feel like Karenina, who tied Vronskogo with everything she could, and look how well it ended!)
i know that my way is the shortest way to loose him
on the other hand i dont really want to get married right now either..
he went to salsa alone tonight,, dont get me wrong, i have nearly nothing against, then for lord's sake tell me why it hurts so f..ing much
i am pathetic, cest sa.

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p.s. i love you

So yesterday, hoping for nothing much, I went with Mon cheri to have a dinner. Not knowing the place, with tied eyes.... we arrived.
2 Michelin stars restaurant (out of 3 ), 9 course dinner where the one thing i will not forget- was fish in flowers, literally- anutini glazki for example...
was great but as always for me- too much food..
so after... instead of going home, we spent a night there in a really nice room(king bed, hot tub in the middle of it, fireplace.. realllly nice)
and then something happened, something i was not expecting..
a ring
"the" ring,
the diamond ring, which at first i did not appreciated at all...
that was so unexpected..
and i got scared, really, i could not find the words to say, the smiles to smile...

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One looong weekend...

went to the UK with my SCHB, spend wonderful 3 days in Cambridge, meeting old friends, dancing salsa ...
One notable observation, after a year in France, English food is so awful, not edible at all..('ve been spoilt already)
After went with his sister and her family (husband and 2 kids, 1 and 4 years) to french mountains snowboarding, my god!how good!)
so many funny moments,
----we were having dinner (my favourite raclette children playing on the floor, then the older one holding something in his hand stood up asking what is it pointing at the object in his hand.. tadam.. my underwear..)(not to forget his family is french speaking)
----in CBG after punting, went to la taska to have something to drink, decided to take a carafe of sangria, first time ever i really felt drunk..)
we could not stand up, so needed to order some food and sit for 1.5 more hours)

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moi laskoviy i nezhniy..

zdu kogda on pridet s raboti domoi,..
vidumivau 4em bi ego nakormit...
is this me?
do i really want this?
most of the times the answer is "oui", nonetheless sometimes i am so freaking not sure...

love this song

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