whats it all about?
where is the love?
how can you sleep when the rest of us cry?
go to boston...start a new life..

its unbelievable how many thoughts and ideas cross one's mind, and hoe there is no time and chance to record them.
together with the facts of a huge amount of free time,desperate desire to have something 'fixed' (as in opposite of ever changing) and love for a good books, i logically turned to reading.. Tolstoy is all time favourite , but what i try now is philosophy, natural philosophers, sophists, Socrates, Aristotle now.. (Tolstoy is seen as philosopher as well, most notably influencing Gandhi with his ideas)
Suprisenly to myself i find all this theories of a great interest to me! so thinking of posting some posts about them, shall i?

Aristotel klassifitsiroval okruzhauwuu sredu,
mne nado klassifitsirovat svoi
i tak

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