on the way from Lafayette (discounts period in the town!!!), there is a huge roundabout...
So i am taken my usual path..in a few steps there is a postcard saying something along the lines of "take the other path" and a huge arrow pointing in the direction i just came from (and there are a great number of digging machines)... Oh,well , i think, this is not to be sad about, turning back and like a good girl go back..
After crossing 5 roads that are there and being one road away from the direction i have to go, there is another still huge board saying "take the other path" and again a huge arrow pointing me to the opposite direction .....and again lots of people in helmets and diggers....
so i went back (the first way was accompanied with lesser opportunities for death, i.e. less cars and heavy lorries...) and jumped over the holes, etc...

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